Sunday, September 26, 2010

Auteur Watch - Jennifer Jason Leigh

You go, girlfriend! JJL's IMDb biography can probably tell it better than I can, but it should say something to the effect of that she is a star. She's a brand name, an institution and a quintessential star in the Hollywood galaxy. Plus, she's a bit of a product of nepotism and yes, she has forgiven John Landis in her own way. She's one of those actresses that probably will never get an Oscar, or even a nomination, but damn it, she's one of us. Georgia! The Big Picture, even! Her big break was of course Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle... my God! She was on The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn? What was she thinking? She must've confused the hell out of poor Kilborn.
Anyway, back to the raison d'etre at hand. JJL only dabbled once in directing, but apparently it's quite good. Her ode to Cassavetes, perhaps, and it's called The Anniversary Party. Apparently she learned nothing from it because she's now married to Noah Baumbach? Okay! Hope you know what you're doing. Obviously you haven't seen Love Stinks, either. Just don't act too surprised if one day Noah blurts out that Laura Linney's character in The Squid and The Whale was based on you. Which, by the way, WASN'T!

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