Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Auteur Watch - Karyn Kusama

Oh, I HATE the new IMDb format! I'm not used to it yet. Take Karyn Kusama's entry, for example. It was better when it was the plain vanilla page and you could just go right to all her credits. Now, everything has to have a link to or some damn thing. Consume! Consume! Consume!!! Anyway, a refugee from the John Sayles camp, Kusama came into her own more or less with the critically-acclaimed Girlfight. Quickly learning the directing ropes, it was on to more commercial fare like Aeon Flux, based on that damn MTV animated series. MTV must've not invested a lot in it, 'cuz that thing BOMBED! But as you can see from her main IMDb page, she won't work on a film where she doesn't get final cut. That might be a little tougher after Jennifer's Body, but we'll hope for the best for you, girlfriend! Keep fighting the good fight... or should I say, girlfight?

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