Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Oh, you and your old guns, you craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazy!

Oh, I was just reading about celebrities getting fed up with Twitter. Have those Twitter bastards become billionaires yet? I guess celebrities can't wait that long. Familiarity breeds contempt, the article said. Personally, I prefer "Suspicion Breeds Confidence," don't you folks? Personally, I don't use Twitter. Or professionally, for that matter. But I'll get on the bandwagon as soon as I get one for Christmas... a Blackberry, right? Oh, I'm so old and square. Anyway, on to this week's box office. And shame on me! I didn't even fill out my weekly Excel spreadsheet! There's only one debut this week: Resident Evil 4 in 3-D. I tried finding a photo from the movie where a character isn't holding a gun, but had some trouble as you can see. I guess this means we can expect Underworld 4 to respond in kind by 2012... 2011? Better be careful. Remember what happened when Batman 4 came out only 2 years after Batman Forever!!
As for the rest, well, Takers holds constant at #2 for the 3rd week in a row, while Going the Distance holds constand at #5 for 2 weeks in a row. Oh, I hope the Mac guy never grows up. Dang! Vampires Suck and The Switch are already gone? That was fast! Nanny McPhee Returns is gone as well. Inception is at #10... oh, will that inception never end?

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