Sunday, September 19, 2010

Ben Affleck's Baked Beans

Lotta debuts this week! One of which I never even heard of. Probably because I don't watch NickToons enough. But Legendary Pictures' latest, The Town, takes the cake, so to speak, and so much more! Oh, it's the movie equivalent of a killer app, no doubt about it. And I'm probably not the first to suggest it, but I'll go ahead anyway: Oscar nom time? Director, actor, what have you, Rebecca Hall gets to give out the nerd Oscars, that kind of thing? Jeremy Renner will win the Oscar he should've gotten for The Hurt Locker, you know the drill. At second, Gluck! goes the box office with Easy A. There was some flap about Amanda Bynes retiring from show biz, then abruptly coming back. Apparently, the Twitterverse was holding her feet to the fire. Oh, the common man can be so cruel sometimes. I saw The Fountainhead not too long ago! I learned all about it! Of course, the upper crust seems pretty messed up themselves. The point being, Amanda! You're not in retirement mode. Just ask Keisha!
Meanwhile, poor Amanda Seyfried thought she was the lead in Easy A, showing up to the wrong looping session again. Crazy business, this business of show! Meanwhile, at #3... is there a more exciting, inticing phrase in this English language than "M. Night Shyamalan Presents..."? Must be, since this debuts at #3. It's Devil with a red upside down triangle for the V. That's either out of respect, or a copyright infringement thing. They wanted to call it De7il but that would just be coat-tail-riding. And finally, the last debut this week is the latest sub-Pixar pic, Alpha and Omega. These damn Glucks are everywhere now! This Crest Animation is definitely not a Pixar-esque Alpha, but they're no Big Idea Omega either. Take that, 1-2-3 Penguins!!!!

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