Sunday, May 01, 2011

Auteur Watch - Josh Gordon and Will Speck

Well, I hate to be so judgmental, but they're sure more handsome than the Coens, right? Although the one guy looks more like a car salesman than part of a dynamic duo directing team. Clearly the 90s were a time for doing everything they could just to get out of Cal-Arts. Isn't life hard enough, for God's sake? And, as so often happens, when they actually DO break out of the obscure middle with the other millions and millions of wannabes, you have a year like 1999 for John McTiernan, except for Josh Gordon and Will Speck they had one success and one failure. The success was the Will Ferrell and Napoleon Dynamite comedy Blades of Glory. An all-too perfect opportunity to use all their green-screen mastery they learned in film school. The failure was the ABC sitcom version of the Geico cavemen. When I used to be a DVD-burning madman I actually TiVo'd some of the episodes! Fabrice Fabrice was one of the cavemen? I gotta go back!
But Gordon and Speck weren't going to end up like Kent Alterman, a one-hit wonder. Will Ferrell goes through directors like you and I discard soda cans, but not Gordon. Not Speck. And so, Untitled Jennifer Aniston 2010 Project was bourne. Retitled The Switch, it announced to the world that Jennifer Aniston was ready to have a baby. But which Jennifer Aniston is it? The real-life flesh + blood Jennifer Aniston? Or the matinee idol Jennifer Aniston? Oh, but that's like asking every character Meryl Streep's ever played one unifying question. Can you really handle such a multitude and variety of answers? Egg-zactly. Alas, the world in general and the movie-going public in particular, just couldn't handle Aniston's awesomeness... at least, not until Just Go For It. Then it was back on board. Of course, when Aniston goes through directors, they tend to stay gone. Okay, I didn't double check that one, but it SEEMS true, and it's more of a basis than on which we went to war in Iraq. And so far, I don't see an upcoming project for G-eck! Guys, I think it's time you each took a long, long Ringo walk and thought about where it is exactly you stand at this point... okay, gotta explain the reference. You see, in A Hard Day's Night there's the...

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