Sunday, May 01, 2011

Short Reviews - April 2011

Holy crap! My taxes...

Rio - First Hop, now this. I blame it on Rio!

Arthur - Remake fever is still sweeping through Hollywood, like a plague. It's a good thing the movies themselves can't go on strike.

Under Siege 2: Dark Territory - With Morris Chestnut as the black guy.

Half Past Dead - Finally! Under Siege 2 paid off...

Jerry Weintraub: His Way - Being rich is nice!

African Cats - Narrated by Samuel L. Jackson, so... I've had it with these m/f-ing cats!

White Nights - I'll tell you how we won the Cold War... BALLET!

The Bang Bang Club - Not as great a title as Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, but what can one say? Originality is hard.

Niagara Niagara - Classic!

Europa Europa - A tearjerker.

Rochelle Rochelle - No, that was a fictional movie on Seinfeld.

Boeing Boeing - Got another one!

Gerald McBoing Boing - Does that count?

Dibbuk Box - Oh, Sam Raimi... where on earth did you get THAT idea? Oh right...

Burke and Hare - A film NOT of epic proportions

Burke & Wills - That's what I get for listening to the damn critics

Kate and Allie - Oh, Jane Curtin. You shed your sordid SNL past so thoroughly and completely.

Ollie & The Baked Halibut - A fish NOT in the bathtub! Just as long as it's not Lars and the Real Fish...

Eat the Peach - What's up with titles not explaining what the film is? It's about a dude riding a motorcycle... why not call it Ride the Bike?

Jumping the Broom - Oh, Angela Bassett... the things I got to go through to see you. Now you're doing Tyler Perry-lite!

I Am - Well, if I just had a box office debacle like Evan Almighty, I guess I'd be looking for answers too!

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