Sunday, May 15, 2011

Beware the ides of May

So many cool photos, so little time... and to think I was going to go with a still from Tapeheads. Well, Thor takes the top cake again at the box office this week. As for the debuts, Apatow continues his box office dominance as the new king of raunch with Bridesmaids at #2. Damn SNL. It's even got the new SNL font on the poster! This is the kind of film that Tina Fey would like to do, but can't on account of her public image. Not the co-star of Date Night! The other debut this week is America's next top Paul Bettany vehicle, called Priest. It's similar to the character he played in The Da Vinci Code, only now that guy's a good guy. Is it in 3-d? Yes. Does he look off into the distance and say "Something's coming... something bad. I'd get ready if I were you"? Probably. For God's sake! He's a priest on a crotch rocket! What more do you people want? How long must he toil in anonymity under Russell Crowe's shadow? The early 2000s are over!

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