Monday, August 08, 2011

Auteur Watch - Alex and Stephen Kendrick

When you hire Alex Kendrick, you're not just getting one of the most promising Christian directors in the biz, as I'm sure the pages of Watchtower or some other publication would tell you. As you can see from Alex's IMDb page, you're also getting a writer, producer, editor, composer, cinematographer, soundtrack, thanks and self. It's like you're hiring nine people in one! But Craft Services only has to feed one: he probably doesn't eat a whole lot. As any actor will tell you, gluttony is indeed one of the seven deadly sins. Once you stray from the Protein Shake golden path, well, there's just no coming back. Anyway, you're getting quality when you hire Alex Kendrick to make you a film, possibly starring the kid from Growing Pains. But Man is not satisfied for long, and soon he's reaching for the apple off the proverbial Tree of Knowledge, and once Alex Kendrick is on board with your project, you can't help but ask yourself "Any more like him back home?" Actually, there is! There's also Stephen, who makes a fine doorstop. Okay, so he's no Alex, but he's trying. He's a writer, a producer, and he played "Marine at Wreck" in Fireproof! Clearly, Alex has set the bar far too high, but not without good reason: he's poised to make his biggest splash yet with 2011's Courageous. As you can see from the poster, the tag line is "Honor begins at home." Silly me. I always thought it was 'charity begins at home.' Shows you what I know. For me, honor is that thing I keep away from home, since there's just so much of it I have to display when I leave the house. Which is precisely why I've gotta see this movie!... oh, they don't have it for free yet on Hulu or Crackle or Courageous' official IMDb page (see link above). I'm afraid it's going to have to wait. Speaking of waiting, when is Alex Kendrick going to break out into the mainstream like a burst vessel? Surely he's not content to be stuck so close to Sherwood for funding and stardom! Or using the same typeface font in all his movie posters! Where's his role as the token white dude in a Tyler Perry production? When does he get to be an O'Doyle in the next Adam Sandler flic? When is Richard Gazowsky going to produce one of his films?... oh, wait, that might be a step backward. At least the Kendricks get films made.

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