Sunday, August 07, 2011

DAMN DIRTY APES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, the choice was to go either with the iconic quote, or say "SERKIS!!!!!!!!!!" in honor of the hardest working actor/MoCap primate in the biz. A couple more months, and it's back to the precious! And I don't mean the Tyler Perry one. As you can see from the headline, the latest Pierre Boulle novel to hold the box office hostage SMASH competition with fist, as Hulk might say! It raked in 54 million dollars its opening weekend... the only problem is, it cost 80 million to promote. And James Franco went to all that trouble to prove he's a Renaissance Man on the Colbert Report, and not just because he's worked with Sam Raimi of Renaissance Pictures fame. Where does College Boy find the time?
Meanwhile, the other debut this week, The Change-Up, lands with a thud at #4. Boy! Even the bodily-function-centric rom-coms are doing poorly this summer. Friends With Benefits, Crazy Stupid Love, all falling terribly flat. Certainly not making Harry Potter 7B money or Transformers 3 money. I guess Harry Potter's going to win this race, even though Transformers 3's at #10 already. Hard to say. Never underestimate Michael Bay. The guy could buy tickets in bulk just to inflate the numbers at this point in his career. You're going to grow up someday and do that movie about the train wreck in the coal mine! It'll be the awesomest spectacle ever, just as long as the cast is photogenic enough. None of this "real people" crap that the Coen brothers do all the time. Isn't life short enough?

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