Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Continued Franchising of the Planet of the Apes

Welp, in honor of the continued kick-assedness of that damn dirty ape movie, I'm using the same jpeg from last week. No apology from Chennai necessary. In other James Franco-related box office news, another film pops up from outta nowhere, and it's called The Help, and it features Ahna O'Reilly, who apparently used to date James Franco. Well, can't blame a girl for trying! I hate to always be the first to say this, but... Oscar nom time for Bryce Dallas? I mean, what's a girl gotta do these days? She did her time with M. Night Shyamalan! She's in the Oscar-ish neighborhood, if nothing else. She'll go slumming if she has to... does she have to? Ick. She hopes not. So homeless people exist! So what; what else is new.
In other B.O. news, Final Destination 5 came in third. They're turning into the Final Fantasy video game series. Who knows what it's up to now: Final Fantasy 23 or something. Some video games are just way too needy. Meanwhile, as I suspected, the stoner comedy 30 Minutes or Less didn't debut at #1. Oh, Jesse Eisenberg, how could you let this happen? This is twice now in 2011 that Danny McBride "helps" out his fellow auteur, only to create a box office embarrasment of iconic proportions... I mean, epic proportions. Well, they're trying to go the Hostage route: a Trojan horse within a Trojan horse. Even the Coens don't get this convoluted. Finally, as seems to be the case these days, there's another concert movie. This time, it's the probably un-Disney-affiliated Glee concert movie. I better make the hyperlink to it, or it will get lost in the shuffle forever... wait a second! Jane Lynch's scenes DELETED? Oh, no wonder this didn't do well. BOO! That's why it's just a PG movie. They're trying to indoctrinate our youth into the Glee lifestyle. Why can't they just keep it for the die-hard fans, unlike myself? I think we finally have our next entry into the one-week club! The Smurfs deserves an honorable mention, because it was #1 the first week, #2 the second week, and POOF! Totally gone now. Gotta start looking at Variety's web site, I guess...

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