Saturday, August 27, 2011

Auteur Watch - Sid and Marty Krofft

Welp, it seems that The Onion will kiss anybody's ass if they show up in person to do an interview. That sure seemed to be the case when they interviewed Paul Verhoeven, arguably one of the most obnoxious filmmakers to hit the American market since... since Paul Verhoeven! Well, maybe Jody Hill. But God bless 'em, they've found niche markets, and why not. Adam Sandler caters to the mainstream teenager in all of us; someone's gotta give a shout out to the teenagers with headless Barbie dolls in dominatrix dioramas in the basement, walls plastered with photographs of nuclear explosions...
On the other hand, it's probably not good to bash these two, the same reason it's probably not good to bash Jerry Weintraub. They're corporate! They could have me whisked away to a REAL black site! Not those ones always talked about during the Dubya presidency. Judging from the Onion interview, I'm going to say Sid's the alpha dog of the two, but Marty's not exactly a slouch either. Neither will go down without a fight. Such long résumés. Why, The Onion didn't even mention The Bugaloos! Or D.C. Follies in the late 80s when it was okay to make fun of Reagan? Most of us don't often see this sight, but Fred Willard here looks like he's in Hell. Or maybe it was Moving Violations I was thinking of. (In the same photo, Leslie Nielsen looks like he's giving the finger with his pen... a sight we frankly don't get enough of these days) Clearly the 70s are the decade of choice, when the shows were the wildest. They apparently weren't on drugs when making their shows. As Sid explains, "But hey, three presidents said that they smoked pot. It was the ’70s. It was a psychedelic period." When you're high on the wacky weed, apparently the only thing one feels like making is a run to the store for some snacks.
You do gotta hand it to them Krofft boys. Okay, maybe not, but I will anyway. I saw some of the Land of the Lost movie, and the part where the dinosaur hears Will Ferrell talking about how dumb dinosaurs are... SPOILER ALERT. The dinosaur rolls its eyes, turns around, and proceeds to scare the ... stuffing out of Will. Damn near priceless. Just one problem: Danny McBride? Really? I thought the Kroffts tried to surround themselves with the best of the best! I hate Bust-Ass, I'm sorry. Maybe I'll get my mind changed about that. In fact, I know I will, especially if I drive through the wrong parts of Georgia. I'm kinda interested in their movie Side Show ... maybe not. It's based on Sid's adventures working for the circus, but it sounds like the subplot about witnessing a murder was tacked on to either a) make the story more palatable, or b) Sid actually shot a man in Reno just to watch him die. Show biz, baby! The first one's always free. One last thing: the Kroffts are consummate showmen, even during interviews. They don't want to give anything away, but they're still good at surrounding themselves with the best people, and in their new role as producers of the upcoming Krofft-property-based movies like Lidsville, The Bugaloos, and The Altered State of Drugachusetts, they're working with someone who's won eight Oscars! No, not Rick Baker, someone who's won for music. I can't imagine who that would be. Usually people like Rick Baker really clean up at the Oscars, or Colleen Atwood. Or Katharine Hepburn! She won four of the little beauties. Then again, she tied in 1968 with Barbara Streisand, so it's more like 3.5. Why, she didn't even show up to get her statuettes in 1982 OR 1934! OR 1968! Why, it's like she didn't win them at all! She's still got the most wins for an actor. Sorry, Kirk Lazarus, but no actor's made the big five. For the most part, a good actor's lucky if they get two or three, usually for roles based in the big stages of life: childhood, young adulthood, and senior citizen age.

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