Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Acts 24:5 and Deeds 15:6

Despite the promise of the Oscars, people went to the theatre, plopped good money on the ticket booth countertops, and texted their friends while the purdy pictures floated on by. The Oscar theme this year was about how the movies are nice to go to and see, and their choices of winner reflected that. On the one hand, we have The Artist, kinda like Mel Brooks' Silent Movie, but more gimmicky. On the other, the very very expensive Hugo, a tribute to that French dude who put a rocket in Newt Gingrich's... I mean, the moon's eye over a century ago, I'm assuming. I guess Hollywood likes the Weinsteins better than Graham King, even though the Weinsteins probably never worked with Mel Gibson. Acts of Valor and Tyler Perry's Good Deeds dominated the box office with bad acting and lots of action. Wanderlust and the aptly-titled Gone dominated the lower half of the box office. Man, Jennifer Aniston's fans know when to stay away and when not to! The Switch was another example of one to stay away from.
Oh, right. Gotta find a picture....

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