Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Auteur Watch - Randy and Jason Sklar

Oh, the Sklars would walk 500 miles and they would walk 500 more to be the identical twin brothers who walked a thousand miles to get a decent movie premiere. Online? Puh-leeze. Mann's Chinese Theater's still the only way to go if you want to make it in Hollywood. But Wild Hogs' Earl Dooble and Wild Hogs' Buck Dooble know this industry inside and out. One minute you're on top of the world, the next you're clinging to the bottom. Sometimes the best way to go is somewhere inside that thick obscure middle, especially when you're slumming with the good folks at Troma. The Gunn family's still trying to break free from that orbit. But back to the Sklars: actors, writers, producers. They've done it all, baby. They're at least quadruple threats apiece, according to the IMDb. But their greatest production of all? Well, one of the brothers has two kids, so whatever decade they were bourne in, that's the Sklar's favourite decade of all. The work comes in a distant second, probably even for the Sklars!

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