Sunday, February 19, 2012

This means House!!

There is no joy in McG-ville, for the once mighty McG has struck out. But as long as he didn't a-hole his way out of the biz yet, he can always a-hole his way back in. The biz seems to be more flexible that way these days. Frankly, all the debuts this week are having a rough go of it. Ghost Rider 2 came in third. They couldn't call it Ghost Rider 2, of course. It's "Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance." I think they should've brought back Eva Mendes as the Hispanic Pam Grier... I mean, as Roxanne Simpson, but no! They had to go for Selena Gomez or Sofia Vergara... at this point, I think I'll go for Sofia Vergara! She's young, seems pretty enough, just won a bunch of awards... you can always tell a celebrity couple's in trouble when they show a clip of them after getting married and the alpha one says "What more could I ask for? Great smile, glowing skin, pretty eyes... we'll be married forever." Two weeks later, the bad friction begins. The other debut this week is Disney's latest animé acquisition called The Secret World of Arrietty. The very picky The Onion gave it an "A" grade if memory serves. Disney's appealing to the hipster d-bag crowd now! Walt's cryogenically frozen head must be terribly confused right about now. What a world you'll be coming back into once they re-attach you to a new donor body. It'll be like the movie Freejack, but I think you should stage an accident at either a bodybuilder contest or a marathon. Walt wants a HEALTHY body this time!

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