Monday, February 06, 2012

See next Sunday!

The Slow March of the Hollywood Nepotists continues, much as it has since Reagan first crippled the unions in 1981. John Landis' kids are now responsible for big hits, just like their dad in the 80s. (Insert tasteless Jennifer Jason Leigh joke here) But I can't help but wonder: where does Chronicle succeed where I Am Number Four so spectacularly failed? I'm not brave enough to find out, nor do I have the time and or money to do so. Meanwhile, the post-Harry Potter vehicle for Daniel Radcliffe, The Woman in Red... I mean, The Woman in Black, comes in at number two. Welp, so far he's got a more loyal fan base than the Twilight stars when he goes on his quasi-indie film adventures like this. The last debut this week is the non-Participant Productions-related Big Miracle. Surprising, seeing as how Drew Barrymore worked with George Clooney in that Chuck Barris movie and everything.

p.s. WOW! Just saw the "" that has managed to worm its way into the headline! Think I'll just leave it like that, see if anyone notices. Anyone at all?

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