Saturday, October 06, 2012

Auteur Watch - Robert Zemeckis

BoZem returns to real life with his latest, Flight, and he's going up against his old boss Spielberg, whose Lincoln opens the same weekend.  Who will win?  Does Adam Sandler have a movie opening that weekend?  For some reason the commercial caught my eye.  For one, it seems to be a slight departure for Denzel, if you put his career on a spectrum with Training Day on one end and The Preacher's Wife on the other.  Flight seems to be in the middle somewhere.  Too bad there's still no decent roles out there.  The other thing is that this is the first R rated pic from Zemeckis since 1980's Used Cars.  Of course, R-rated pics aren't what they used to be, not that Used Cars would get a PG-13 in its original form today.  Beowulf was skewing a bit R-ish.  Someone send me a free copy of it!! WAAAA

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