Sunday, October 14, 2012

The year of the Gordon-Levitt... or the year of the Goodman?

Another one of these blogger tics I'm trying to cultivate.  Which one person sums up the whole year in terms of movies?  Well, this time I gotta choose between two.
First up: Joseph Gordon-Levitt.  You almost have to feel sorry for a guy like this, who can't spend 2012 resting on his laurels.  In addition to four movies this year, he also hosted Saturday Night Live.  That used to be John Goodman's job, but for some reason Goodman apparently insisted on writing all his own sketches, and the last time he hosted he just ran out of ideas.  But Gordon-Levitt!  What a year.  The Dark Knight Rises, Looper, Lincoln, and Premium Rush... well, the first three, anyway.  He continues as part of Christopher Nolan's rolling stock company, and gets in on Spielberg's racket.  Nowhere to go but down from there!  A good impression of Bruce Willis is a good start.
Or is it John Goodman?  He's been gone for a while, at least from my narrow field of vision, but apparently he's cloned himself as well and is appearing everywhere.  A regular role on Community?  He's also got four movies this year: Trouble with the Curve, ParaNorman, Argo out this week, and BoZem's Flight coming out next month.  Maybe he'll host SNL then to help promote it!  Also, he's lost a bunch of weight.  I don't know if he kept it off, though.  Neither could Jeff Garlin.  Maybe a little obscurity is the key ingredient, guys; just ask Stuart Pankin.  Ouch!  But Goodman's not slowing down in the slightest.  He's got the Monsters Inc. sequel coming up, the latest Coen brothers movie, and The Hangover Part III: The Vomit-ening.  It's a tough call, but after several coin flips, I'm going to have to go with my elders, and say yes.  This is indeed the Year of the Goodman.  But don't kid yourselves; Gordon-Levitt will have a hard time topping his 2012, unless he takes up directing or something.

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