Sunday, October 21, 2012

Box office activity

Say it isn't the last one!  Paranormal Activity 4 rules the box office, and probably will Halloween weekend as well.  Maybe it'll outlast the Saw franchise, who knows.  Then again, sometimes it's better to quit while you're ahead.  The only other debut this week is Alex Cross, and of course all the haters out there are gonna hate.  Or maybe they'll back off because it debuted so weakly.  Still, it's quite a vocal anti-fan base that director Rob Cohen and star Tyler Perry have... or is it just me?  Probably just me.  Still, I'd hate to see that Venn diagram of the two bases coming together against this film.
In the meantime,'s all over the performance of Argo.  They went so far to say it's doing great for a true-story drama, something to that effect.  You heard it here tenth!  Ben Affleck's the new Warren Beatty.  When are those two going to get together and do their own Spy Game?

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