Saturday, October 27, 2012

Postcards from the Cloud

Note to self: IOU one post about the box office.  Boy, Charlie Meadows was right.  People can be g.d. cruel.  The headlines have fallen by the wayside, but Yahoo! News was reveling in the poor box office performance of Being Human... I mean, Cloud Atlas.  Frankly, everything's down this week, perhaps why Argo was able to float to #1 with 12 million dollars.  Why can't they focus on the positive, like that?  Sadly, a falling box office tide raises all boats, and Hotel Transylvania rises to #3, insuring a continued assault from Adam Sandler.  That's My Boy 2?  Billy Madison: The Early Years with Nick Swardson as Billy?  Grown-Ups 3, 4 and 5 filmed simultaneously like The Hobbit which has grown into a trilogy?  A 50% bonus?  See, it was originally going to just be the two: An Unexpected Journey, and There and Back Again.  I guess the third one's going to be called A Worn-Out Welcome.  Something like that.  Seriously, though, it's all terribly exciting.  Long live the new underclass of 3D technicians and the extra millions they tack on to films' budgets these days!
Meanwhile, the latest 3D horror flick slashes its way to #5 this week, and it's called Silent Hill: Revelation 3D.  Well, it's got an interesting cast, anyway.  Deborah Kara Unger, Carrie-Anne Moss... the best cast of 1999; something like that.  I couldn't help but notice Malcolm McDowell's IMDb page.  I should probably not like how they highlight the four things a person's most known for.  For Malcolm, it's The Artist (2011), Easy A (2010), Halloween (2007), and of course... Caligula.  I mean, A Clockwork Orange.  Go figure.  Clap your hands if you're working too hard, man!  The last debut this week is Sack Lunch... I mean, Fun Size.  Apparently, it's not the latest series of 12 books to be turned into a major motion picture by Hollywood.  No, it's just what it seems like: Home Alone for Halloween instead of Christmas.  Hard to say where this stands in the oeuvre of Chelsea Handler; just the latest and greatest for her, I suppose.  She usually does TV stuff, right?  I can't handle another IMDb bio at the moment.  As for Ana Gasteyer, well, this must be better than doing opera for a living.  I think she could handle it, though.  You gotta be tough, however, especially in the cutthroat worlds of opera and celluloid comedies.  You're either going to get cut by Reneé Fleming or Amanda Peet.

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