Friday, January 25, 2013

Auteur Watch - Olivier Abbou

Alas, Olivier hasn't done enough yet to merit an IMDb Top 4, but isn't that what's great about the system?  Flexibility!  Newbies alongside old-bies alongside towering icons of old and new.  There's at least a poster for his 2010 offering, Territories.  His take on Rendition, apparently.  But like the Coens, this guy likes to do comedy as well, and 2012's Yes We Can is certainly an example of that.  Based on the hoopla around Obama's Kenyan relatives, what could be funnier than a kidnapping plot involving them?  As long as it's not just for the Tea Partier crowd.  What's next for Olivier?  Maybe a '30s Gangster pic if he truly wants to follow the Coen mold.

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