Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sit down, Stand-Up Guys

Alas, the bottom may have fallen out of the 70-something action market, but expectations were low for the non-Expendables related Stallone action flick, Bullet to the Head, based on the graphic French novel Aubergine de la Tête.  I'm sorry, Du plomb dans la tête.  Aubergine's the only French word that comes to tête right now, for some reason.  God, Walter Hill misses the '80s.  They were his heyday, especially when he started having hits, him and his manly cohorts.
Anyway, according to Variety, (Disclaimer: The Movie Hooligan is not responsible for the content of 3rd party sites) the old-timer action comedy Stand-up Guys was only released to exactly 659 theaters.  And so... after all the hoopla.  All the adverts on the TV, after Pacino had to degrade himself by getting the Letterman fingers-in-the-hair treatment, after ALL THAT... the studio itself still didn't have faith in the project.  The studio in question?  Tyler Perry's Lionsgate.  That's what you get for not casting T.D. Jakes as himself, honkies!  This is God's own judgment on yo white heads.  And once again, I must admit that I'm not down with the young people.  They must've been advertising on Nickelodeon for this week's #1 movie, the zombie rom-com Warm Bodies.  Or Twitter or Facebook or Mashable or wherever.  Meanwhile, Silver Linings Playbook holds strong at #3 for the third week in a row!  NOW do you forgive David O. Russell, George Clooney?  You know you're gonna go back to him soon enough!... oh, wait, that's Marky Mark I'm thinking of.  Well, he's busy with the new Transformers movie.  And Ted 2.  But Russell will wait.  He's good at that, if nothing else.

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