Saturday, January 19, 2013

Chastain-ity Belt

No, I won't hurt you Mama, but it's getting so hard... Woo-oo!  Not only is she critically acclaimed, but Jessica Chastain's got TWO movies in the top 10 this week!  Lucky grrl.  Fighting Bin Laden with Zero Dark Thirty, and bringing terror to the masses with Mama, presented by Guillermo Del Toro.  Take that, Luc Besson!  Meanwhile, apparently Silver Linings Playbook gets the Oscar bump and jumps to #3.  The strength of what's his face in it wasn't enough at first... Bradley Cooper, that's it.  Well, he'll triumph again with The Hangover Pt. III, of course, but that'll be in the summer when we're good and ready.  The other debuts this week are Russell Crowe graduating from Bud White to Dudley Smith in Broken City.  Marky Mark can still do the Bud White roles, of course.  But when his time comes, Mark will be the coolest grandfather the silver screen has ever seen!  And finally, Schwarzenegger's take on Get the Gringo called The Last Stand debuts strong at #10.  Well, strong for Schwarzenegger nowadays, anyway.  He's still got more pride than Stallone and couldn't handle going straight to DVD with one of his movies.

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