Sunday, January 06, 2013

There is no joy in Jacksonville

Peter Jackson, that is.  Everything pretty much slides one place to make room for the fresh meat: Texas Chainsaw 3D.  Lemme guess... did Michael Bay produce it?... he actually did not!  But who knows, maybe one of these producers is connected to Bay somehow.  All these new horror posters seem to all have the same font, but with some kind of oil or blood spatter on them, of course.  So, Django and Hobbit switch places, so Django stays at 2, Hobbit drops to 3, and everything else slides down one spot, except for Monsters Inc. and Rise of the Guardians, replaced by Gus van Sant's latest collaboration with Matt Damon, Promised Land.  Fracking lite.  Basically Local Hero but with some juicy bit to guarantee an R rating.  You know, the modern touch.  The same way everyone doesn't use a tripod any more to keep the camera steady.  That was your father's generation of camera work.  Barf!

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