Saturday, July 20, 2013

Auteur Watch - Kevin Arbouet

Lemme tell ya, this guy can do it all.  He's a n-tuple threat: producer, director, editor, caterer, miscellaneous crew... stunt man?  Seriously?  Oh, that can't be good.  Take Steve Boyum, for example!  Well, he keeps busy, anyhow.  Or how about Hal Needham?  Kewl!  Hal's still alive.  So, good career choice then.  You gotta keep fit if you're going to be a stunt man.  But let's look at Arbouet's directing.  After 2007's Serial and 2008's TV movie Strokes, he decided to take a break from the go-go world of directing, and get back to his first love: producing.  Nothing A-list, but still.  Work's work, right?  Besides!  Thanks to the internet, everything's about a B minus now.  But once bitten by the director's bug, there's always that need to get back into the cloth folding chair.  He's currently working on something called Police State with Sean Young!  Well, I guess she's given up on appearing in a Batman movie for a while.  She might be medium-maintenance, that's all I'm saying.  Keep up the good work!

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