Sunday, July 14, 2013

Florida? But that's America's wang!

You said it, Homer Simpson.  Yes, the big news story this week is the unexpected death of Cory Monteith.  But I suppose the other one we need to talk about is George Zimmerman.  Before his attorney begins his new career as a stand-up comedian, can we have a new rule?  STOP TELEVISING THESE TRIALS!!!!  O.J.!  Casey Anthony!  Behold, the corrupting power of television!  Now, some say that the prosecution did a lousy job.  I didn't see much of the trial, but I suppose they could've objected more to the defense's tactics.  The defense seemed to do a lot of excess badgering of the witnesses.  Why, I almost forgot that George Zimmerman was on trial, rather than the Creole culture, or concrete.  Well, if someone tries to kill George Zimmerman, I hope the prosecution sits that one out.  Anyway, I'm sure Dick Wolf is busy working on the next episode of Law and Order.  Nice going, Florida, you bastion of justice you.
Anyway, the box office.  More flop sweat.  Will Pacific Rim make money?  Won't it?  Is it just Real Steel on a larger scale?  They're already calling it the new Star Wars.  Surely it'll make Star Wars money?  I'm telling you, America runs on Dunkin', but Hollywood runs on flop sweat.  People going to World War Z and The Lone Ranger out of sympathy, that kind of thing.

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