Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Expenditures 2

Well, all I can say is... wow.  I mean, The Lone Ranger didn't even make the Top 10!  Boy, is it not connecting with the youth... I mean, the American movie-going public.  Oh well.  It can go drinking with Wild Wild West and exchange horror stories about agitated movie execs.
But that was so two weeks ago.  How did this week's crop of newbies fare?  Well, not so good, either.  For example, I must be out of touch because I got my movie promo info the old fashioned way: Helen Mirren on The Daily Show, John Malkovich on Leno and Conan, pushing the innocuous sequel Red 2 just as hard as they can, yet not seeming that desperate.  I mean, you would think those two are doing pretty well.  Red 2 came in at #5.  And Jeff Bridges was on Colbert pushing his little Men In Black wannabe called R.I.P.D, which came in at #7.  Doesn't anyone like the Dude anymore?  Or do they just hate Van Wilder that much?  For me, it's the latter.  Damn you, Green Hornet!  Why, even a Pixar wannabe is having trouble.  That little bastard Turbo only came in third.  But DreamWorks PDI will score a hit with How To Train Your Dragon Too for some reason.  No, the #1 hit this week was the latest groundswell horror pic called The Conjuring.  Time will tell if it's the new Exorcist but for now it's #1, and there can be only 52 of those in a year.

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