Thursday, November 14, 2013

Thanksgiving Twerk-y

Pathetic.  Sorry, I'm blatantly trying to get the web crawlers to pick up on another catchy headline, and if I wait another week I'll forget to use this one.  Besides!  There's that Free Birds movie hovering at #4.  That's sort of holiday themed, right?  Man, what I wouldn't give for some shares in Tofurky right now.  Or at the very least, some of their Italian Sausage.  I used to eat that a lot, with Spaghetti-Os.  And I wasn't even on the set of Raiders or anything!  Kinda sad.  Meanwhile, 12 Years a Slave seems to have hit a glass ceiling at #7, and it's currently at #8.  Why, it's as though... nah, I'm not that good.  See, I was looking over Wikipedia's definition of the word "slavery."  Somehow it took me out of the mood...
...okay, I'm back!  I got the perfect angle now.  Anyway, while 12 Years a Slave is out in the fields (AKA below #5 at the Box Office), The Best Man Holiday is the proverbial House n.... never mind.  It's #2 at the box office just behind the crazy white people known as Thor 2.  Take that, Tyler Perry!  Did I mention that it's a sequel to the 1999 sleeper hit?  I mean, quasi-indie sensation?
Also, Last Vegas is still hanging in there.  God bless all the new grumpy old men!  Quite a few of them now.  The marketplace is practically clogged, in fact.  In the third act of Lemmon's and Matthau's joint careers, it was pretty much just them.

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