Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Fountain of Darwin, or Return to the Planet of the Moes

Well, you know, it's like Pauly Shore said in Bio-Dome... no, I can't quote it.  I just can't.  But as it turns out, the older you get, the more you get pushed around by things like bubbles, and the Stooges have proven that on more than a few occasions.
And seeing as how this is a remake of All Gummed Up... man, I must not have been in the mood.  As you can see from the official Wikipedia page of Bubble Trouble, it says "[c]ritics and fans alike ...

 have observed that this film has a significantly better plot structure than the original, All Gummed Up.

What the hell.  Might as well keep the font we cut and pasted.  First of all, hard to believe there's a lot of critics and fans caring about either of these two Stooge films.  Your average non-Stooge-phile probably won't wander too far from Micro-Phonies, if I had to guess.  And while I agree that the plot structure of Bubble Trouble is slightly better, because they swapped the places of the second and third acts, they both have endings that let down the audience!  You think they would've tried to rectify that in the remake, but time  must've run out and the budget must've ran dry.  And besides, from here on in the Stooges are phoning it in.  Two all-original shorts per year, and the rest are remakes.

See also: Bubble Trouble - you know, the video game from Ambrosia Software for the Macintosh!  Where a goldfish battles all kinds of sea creatures!

-so sayeth The Movie Hooligan

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