Thursday, November 14, 2013

Swee'pea's Day Out

And once again, the Fleischers gleefully put a child into harm's way.  And why?  Because it's animated!  Duh!  It's not a real baby like in Baby's Day Out!  That would just be stupid and cruel.  Fortunately, the movie's another jewel in John Hughes' wide, wide crown... something like that.
But there's just something about all those big machines at the Useless Machine Works Company.  No one can resist the allure, not even young Swee'pea.  And really, the film imparts an important lesson for all parents everywhere.  And it's something to do with these damn kids and their impatience!  Always wanting to do the grown-up stuff, using the grown-up words and drinking the grown-up drinks.  Kids don't realize they have the whole rest of their boring, useless lives to engage in all that stuff.  To go from candy to the numerous flavors of syrup that get added to alcohol.  I mean, what a leap that is!  After all, they come in glass bottles, unlike candy which comes in plastic wrappers.
But as careful as Popeye usually is, the machines get the best of him here.  And as usual, it's Olive's fault.  Fortunately, the... and I should probably say SPOILER ALERT here... fortunately, the awesome power of spinach also woiks on babies and infinks, and Swee'pea gets his chance... her chance?... its chance to have the power of a grown-up, and to the delight of Luddites everywhere, smashes the machine that's about to smash both Popeye and Olive.  Swee'pea triumphantly carries Popeye and Olive out of that hellish nightmare factory and sings the closing theme usually reserved for Popeye... hmm!  Swee'pea sounds a bit like Olive!  Ug ug ug ug...

-so sayeth The Movie Hooligan

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