Thursday, November 28, 2013

Tis the Season for ... Five Golden Debuts!

Wow, even a grinch-nurd like me can't help but get caught up in the festivities.  Maybe I'm just full of turkey or something.  But it's true.  For now, we've got five debuts to cope with this weekend!  Sure, Catching Fire more or less clobbered the competition, but somehow it didn't completely crowd out the others.  Take Disney's Frozen at #2, fer instance.  Only eight million less than Hunger Games!  I guess Hunger Games will be out of the #1 spot by next week.  The other newbies are Homefront, and Oscar contenders such as The Book Thief and Philomena.  But what about Black Nativity?  Doesn't it deserve to get some Oscar respekt?  I mean, it's Langston freakin' Hughes, for Gawd'z zake!  No love for the icons of yester-generation?  Oh, which reminds me.  Now that I can no longer wax political on my Facebook page, I have to do it here.  But I watched with interest this one special edition of Hardball where it was a total Sideshow episode, rather than just at the halfway point, in which he dealt with some of the crazier Tea Party Republicans.  I've got a joke for Colbert, but he'll probably do it better than I ever could.  This one Tea Partier was winning an argument with Chris Matthews by saying "I didn't bring it up!  You brought it up!"  And I couldn't help but remember that Malcolm X once said something similar.  I think he said "We didn't land on Plymouth Rock!  Plymouth Rock landed on us... but I didn't bring it up.  You brought it up!"  You get the idea.  Yeah, I'm sure Colbert's crack staff of writers... I mean, Colbert himself, will put the better spin on it, if it's in his radar at all.  Probably not.  Besides!  He's still on vacation, right?

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