Thursday, November 21, 2013

Spinach's Angels

Once again, fickle Olive breaks Popeye's heart.  He's like a lost puppy, bawling away, sitting there at the last known location where Olive once was, at Olive Oyl's Lunch Room.  The business is closed, and Olive has "teamed" up with pilot Bluto.  Bluto has Olive painting the plane's rudder in midair.  "You're no help at all!" bellows Bluto, as Olive keeps getting paint hurled at her face by the wind.
She quickly regrets her decision to leave Popeye, and does so out loud a couple times!  Bluto hears this and gets instantly upset, turning the plane around, and begins a campaign to knock Olive off of the plane.  Tis a cruel irony indeed, where once Olive tried knocking Bluto off the bridge in Bridge Ahoy!, now Bluto's trying to loose Olive's grip on the tail of the plane with the rudder she was just painting.  Meanwhile, on the ground, Popeye hears Olive's cries for help, and he springs into action, grabbing the nearest, most humble plane he can find, and taking to the air to save his goil.
Well, you gotta hand it to them.  I Never Changes My Altitude is a fast-paced affair!  And as always, there's a fight scene where Bluto and Popeye have to regroup, saying "Ub-ub-ub-ub-ub!" all the way back to their starting points.  This one's such a classic, that it's featured in a later cartoon: according to the IMDb, clips are featured in Doing Impossikible Stunts.  I hope I'm misspelling that correctly.  Welp, dinner time!  Can't be late for that!

-so sayeth The Movie Hooligan

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