Thursday, December 12, 2013

Love is in the air... as well as a few arrows

I hate to sound... Smaug... (drum roll)... but I think this picture oughta cover it just fine!  Also, being able to see my blog statistics hasn't been healthy for me, but thankfully I'm finally above the 100-hits per post average that I've been waiting to hit.  Kinda sad in a way.  Half of them must be mine.  Oh well.  I'm well past my "Hello?  Is anybody out there?" blogging phase.  Now I'm just waiting for the retirement home, basically.
Oh, and Tyler Perry's got a new movie out as well.  Big surprise.  Dang!  He's been busy!  How does he find time to direct all that bad television?  Eat your liberal heart out, Norman Lear!

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