Thursday, December 19, 2013

Of Pals and Gals (15 films remain)

I apologize.  I believe the full quotation is "The best laid schemes of pals and gals gang aft agley."  God bless those stingy Scottish poets!  Anyway, here's a Western twist for ya: it's yet another remake of Out West.  The twist?  They cut out Jock Mahoney!  That's right, the Arizona Kid!  I guess the Stooges got tired of sharing the spotlight with some guy younger, taller and handsomer who's able to take falls as good as they could.  Probably better because he's younger!  Anyway, so he's out, and two sisters for Nell are in.  You know, so the two trios can get married at the end.  Long story short: they end up in each other's arms, but a monkey ends up emptying a makeshift machine gun into the Stooges' asses.  They groan from the pain, but are soothed because they're in the arms of their respective betrotheds.  An extreme marital aid to be sure, but can't argue with results, right?

-so sayeth The Movie Hooligan

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