Friday, December 27, 2013

Not knutzy e-knough (14 films remain)

Well, it's hard not to like a Stooge short wherein Shempeth proclaims "Unhand my lass, you brazen ass!"  Also featuring Larry with long blonde braids.  Lol!  But Knutzy Knights is another remake, replete with that old standby "Oh Elaine, won't you come out tonight, Cedric's here..."  It is a rousing number, arguably, and the Lady McIntyre helps it out.  The Black Prince is played by pre-Jerry Stiller Philip van Zandt, and is such a potent force that he doesn't even appear until about seven minutes into the thing!
After some spirited running around in the hall, Moe learns about the Black Prince's evil scheme to overthrow the king.  Alas, we'll probably have to wait for J.J. Abrams to do a Medieval tale in which the White Prince is the evil schemer.  Meanwhile, Cedric has to free himself from the dungeon.  He's either really strong, or the dungeon gate's really weak, and probably built by Leon Moisseiff.  Before long, it's the Third Act, and the Stooges have to fill those trumpets up with fruit again.  The bad guys get the first volley, but in the second, the Stooges get hoisted on their own... fruit-tards, so to speak?  Anyway, in the original Squareheads of the Round Table, the day is saved by the King's daughter when she says that the Black Prince and his minions are the real bad guys.  In this instant case, Cedric knocks some bad guys' heads together, Moe-style!  Cold-blooded.  Worth the price of admission right there.

-so sayeth The Movie Hooligan

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