Friday, December 27, 2013

The Wild Parrots of Popeye Hill

This one must've put me in a good mood!  Time for another image mosaic. ¶ And so, having found his match in the animal kingdom in the bird branch of the tree, so to speak, Popeye heads over to Olive's place with a parrot, highly trained in the low-brow arts of blowing corncob pipes and singing Popeye anthems.  The bird is so good at mimicing Popeye, in fact, that Bluto mistakes it for the actual Popeye as he approaches Olive's suburban bungalow with a tiny fistful of flowers.  Meanwhile, the actual Popeye is waiting in the shadows as the bird does all the work... at least, until Bluto looses the bird from its cage and it heads for the high ground in a nearby tree.
Popeye is thrust onto the scene out of hiding as Olive begins to totally freak out.  As usual, he makes the mistake of waiting to go to the spinach when dealing with Bluto.  Taking a page somewhere from scripture, Popeye decides to make the remedy fit the crime by having Bluto get the bird out of the tree.  With axe visibly in hand, Bluto heartily takes to his task literally, and goes Axe Me Another on the tree's ass.  Now, for those of you who contend that Olive has no part in this pic, you'd be right, as her shtick this go-round is to constantly faint at everything.  Clearly, life in the suburbs has made her soft.  I could've sworn she's seen a million of these Fist Tornadoes already!  Lord knows I have.
When the Moment of Spinach arrives, Bluto's jumping up and down on Popeye like a bug, much like in the very first Popeye short, except Popeye's on his back this time and not on his stomach.  Instead of reaching into his inner shirt pocket for the spinach, Popeye prestidigitates and seemingly makes the can of spinach appear out of thin air.  Meanwhile, despite her new-found habit of fainting all the time, Olive goes after the parrot on the roof of her house, and surprise surprise, Popeye has to catch her once again in between fighting with Bluto.  Typical chauvinist Popeye short.  But Popeye does believe in poetic justice and, after beating the crap out of Bluto for the usual short burst, Bluto ends up wrapped in a bit of wire fence and hanging from a tree... I think it's supposed to be ironic, but I forget why.

good double with: what else?  Leave Well Enough Alone.  That parrot's gonna be a star, I tells ya!

-so sayeth The Movie Hooligan

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