Friday, January 10, 2014

bo 1-12-13

Look at that!  I'm still writing these as 2013.  Silly me.  At least I'm doing the checks right.  Anyway, it's Marky Mark's triumphant return to the top of the box office where he belongs.  Does it really matter what the movie's about?  Exactly.  The ads say that it's the best war movie since Saving Private Ryan.  That must be to make the director feel good.  All Marky Mark cares is that it's at #1.  He would've done The Legend of Hercules but he's got nothing to prove yet.  In 2021 when he turns 50, he'll be ready to get ripped to work with Zack Snyder.  At #7 it's August: Osage County.  What, is Dermot Mulroney chopped liver?
Meanwhile, the latest installment of Paranormal Activity drops from #2 to #9.  Good Lord!  And Frozen just crossed the 300 million dollar mark.  I guess the PA folks should of waited until Valentine's Day.  That seems to be the new go-to date to release horror movies for some reason.  Maybe it's always been that way, for all I know.

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