Thursday, January 30, 2014

Letters to Architectural Digest (9 films remain)

Weird when plots converge like this!  Just as Olive was engrossed in a romance novel, the Stooges are in the male equivalent: a triumphant return to the Woman Haters Club!  Just as Olive swoons when reading about romance, the Stooges derive deep psychological satisfaction out of discussing how they got royally screwed over by a gold digger whilst enjoying a frothy mug of ale in a shabby substitute for a collegiate library reading room.
The boys finally meet their match in a purdy gal named Jane.  Well, you know how these purdy girls are.  it's like Chief Wiggum once asked: why are all the pretty ones crazy?  Something about how all the guys lust after them, and all the girls are jealous.  It's like if you've got a name like Wildstein.  I mean, they didn't hire a guy named Non-Corrupt-Stein or Normal-Stein or Calmstein!  They wanted a Wildstein and they got one, by gum!  But I digress.
And so, this Jane gal finds herself positively up to her eyebrows in Stooges.  She's married to Moe, but she puts an ad in the paper that Larry answers while he's getting his hair done in his own home salon.  LOL.  Now we know how he keeps his locks so curly!  And even though the ad asks for a man 35 years old and handsome, 53-year old homely Larry answers anyway.  This is a Stooge film, after all!
That's the first act.  In the second act, our beloved Jane hooks up with Shemp.  Moe comes back early from his vacation.  "I thought you were separated!" complains Shemp.  "my husband's on vacation1  That's separated, isn't it?" quips Jane.  No it's not, Jane.  No it's not.
This is another one of those films where the Stooges don't know each other... rather, pretend to not know each other.  Well, Lawrence and Shemp become friends, but Moe is now a stranger to them.  But the old Stooge instincts kick in as always, and hitting on each other, well, it's like riding a bicycle for them, and hitting each other with the bicycle horn or the tire pump, what have you.  This one's got more than the average good scenes.  Shemp breaks the fourth wall by asaying to the audience "There's got to be a way to get that ring back without getting in trouble with the censor."  And I like the part where Emil Sitka introduces Moe to Larry and Shemp in the woman haters' club.  Moe's standing there keeping hthe back of his head ot the camera like a mannequin before the big reveal!  Love it.  Then they end up hitting Sitka by mistake.  Wotta victim of circumstance... how to properly misspell that?  Soicumstance?

-so sayeth The Movie Hooligan

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