Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The French, They Are a Profitable Race or No, No Threats, No No Fights...

[Sunday proper] it just me, or are all these movie posters using the same graded shade of blue?  Well, we got four debuts this week.  For some reason, people weren't as excited to rehash the boring old adventures of the new Hercules as they were to see ScarJo's latest, called Lucy.  Yes, it's Luc Besson's latest variation on La Femme Nikita and... and my internet's slow right now, so I have yet to determine if Besson has officially split up with Robert Mark Kamen or not.  Let's hope those two patch things up, as no one else in Hollywood wants to work with that guy.  You know, people think that everyone in Hollywood knows each other.  Not true!  Why, Hollywood is as divided up into regimented partitions as the rest of society, maybe even more so.  But instead of promotions and pay raises, it's all about which parties you get invited to.  And you'd better dress up nice, or you're out.  Out with yesteryear's moldy old scripts.
Anyway, Hercules came in second.  I guess Brett Ratner didn't want to have his name mentioned in the TV ads or something.  It's kind of a jinx, even though Ratner is a modern day Hercules of sorts.  Oh, he can hold his own in the Douchebag Trenches, even at his age, I can tell ya!  Another debut this week is music video director turned film director Anton Corbijn's latest effort called A Most Wanted Man, one of the five or six last films of Philip Seymour Hoffman.  Boy!  Even now that he's passed on, the guy's still not getting any rest!  And finally, a movie I haven't seen any ads for: it's Rob Reiner's latest, called And So It Goes.  Well, he hasn't given up on directing yet like father Carl seems to have.  Maybe this will do it.
[before Sunday] Well, I assume the Transformers movie is still hanging in there.  Well, that irresistible combination of Mark Wahlberg and the giant robots is nothing short of breathtaking.  One is the latest hottest digital model rendered with the latest incarnation of Renderman... and the other is the Transformers.  Drumroll please!  But competition is indeed upon the horizon.  You got Guardians of the Galaxy coming up, Luc Besson's latest (which he actually directed this time!) and director Tate Taylor's latest non-boring period piece called Get On Up.

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