Friday, July 04, 2014

Robot Parade

The latest installment of Transformers does it again, thereby insuring the perpetuation of the species... are they remaking them yet?  It's been a while since the first one, right?  Nevertheless, its influence is clearly on the decline already, as three debuts snuck in to the Top 10.  First, the latest Melissa McCarthy vehicle called Tammy, whose director apparently slept his way to the top.  I mean, it's McCarthy's hubby in the director's chair and... go figure!  A sequel is already in the works.  Well, okay, it's got a different name, but somehow I think thematically it'll probably be similar.  Second, it's Deliver Us from Evil, the long awaited sequel to 2003's smash hit, Deliver Us from Eva.  Love that movie.  Didn't LL Cool J used to be a rapper before he became an LL(K) parser?  Ah, but a computer science education has so many uses.  Finally, it's the latest movie about the Bernie Madoff ponzi scheme, Earth to Echo.  Busy weekend!  My goal now is to be able to afford fireworks next year.  Somehow I felt left out this year.  Not enough of those spinny things on YouTube...

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