Wednesday, July 16, 2014

To Dream the Impossikible Dream

I forgot to call Fightin' Pals a bromance, didn't I?  Anyway, it's back to the same old same old for these Fleischer Popeye cartoons.  They've traded top-notch production values for wacky, misspelled title credits, and Popeye is reduced to peddling his wares to two-bit directors who seem to make it a point to never miss meals.
Yes, despite promise in the title, Doing Impossikible Stunts is, in fact, another one of those stitching-together-of-old-Popeye-clips type of deals!  Something that the Stooges never tried to do.  No, the Stooges just jump headlong into their old scripts, after giving them a few new twists, and then the editors go to work, furiously trying to slap together that uneasy combination of old clips and new.  As for our current Popeye cartoon, well, we see Popeye and Sweet Pea walking along.  Popeye's got a demo reel under his arm of his stunt work.  Yes, despite his near-superhero powers thanks to spinach, he's gotta hustle for a buck and a dime along with everyone else in Hollywood.  Popeye apparently doesn't realize he's being followed, but once he does, he pooh-poohs Swee'Pea's own dreams of being a top shelf Hollywood stunt person.  I must be getting more jaded as time marches on, but I figured out what the punchline was going to be.  Of course, I think I saw this a long time ago anyway, so that also helped.  It's a testament to Popeye's faith in Sweet Pea, however, that he just tells Swee'Pea to go on home by himself rather than take him back home himself.  Oh, he's a tough kid when you get right down to it!
And so, Popeye arrives at the office with a projector in it to peddle his wares.  Like the rest of us, the director's impressed (but in that phony-baloney Hollywood way, which the rest of America is slowly catching up to thanks to YouTube and the like) ... but do you have anything fresh and new, Popeye?  Do you have film of a cute cat playing the piano?  Oh, right... stunt work.  Do you have any cutting edge-type stuff here, man?  Barnstorming and stunt dives are old hat, man.  Anyway, it's at that critical juncture when the ever resourceful Sweet Pea hands Popeye his own reel of stunt stuff.  Sure, it's just a rehash of Lost and Foundry, but still.  Take that, Jackass!
And so, Sweet Pea gets to sign on the dotted line instead of Popeye.  Take that, old man!  Even the iris out disses Popeye... you know, that circle effect?  Instead of a fade-out, one of those circles leaves a black background behind it, and Popeye gets stuck in the black void between the end of the cartoon and the Paramount logo.  A lonelier place he will not find.  As for me, I don't feel like going back and checking on all of them, but I know the end of Bridge Ahoy! has different music and voices for sure.  The Fleischers may reuse old film clips, but they always do fresh music and voices for them... maybe not for Olive, but again, I don't feel like checking.
Oh, yeah, almost forgot.  They use Disney's sound effect here.  Why, Disney oughta get the copyright lawyer's on someone's asses over that!

length of cartoon: 7m 12s
without old footage: 3m 38s

50% NEW FOOTAGE!!!!!!!!!

-so sayeth The Movie Hooligan

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