Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Auteur Watch - Tisha Campbell-Martin

...you mean, Gina from that show?  I never got a chance to watch it, but I do seem to recall the end of House Party 1, and I believe she gave the guy with the tall hair a big sloppy kiss in the car.  You know, to make the other guy jealous and what not.  Wonder if she ever gets in a big catfight with Kasi Lemmons.  Or maybe she knows better, as Kasi's got a few more reels under her belt.  Anyway, while my program that's not written in Ruby on Rails grinds away, I'm going to say that her starring in Another 48 Hrs. may be her best shot at Spielberg.  Walter Hill's... kinda close, right?  Is his quintet still together even though Tales from the Crypt has run its course?  Or is there a Sherman Anti-Trust equivalent in Hollywood that keeps people from getting too collaborative?
...again with the "unknown host exceptions."  Nothing works.  Oh why oh why can't I have my own computer nerd or two to push around?  Just do it or I'll snap your glasses in half in a way that no amount of masking tape can put back together again!  Chop chop!

...okay, the software's done.  Tisha was on a show in the late 80s early 90s called Shannon's Deal which also starred...
......DAVID SPIELBERG??????!!!!!!!.... ah, close enough.

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