Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Auteur Watch - Topper Carew

Yeah, Hollywood's like that sometimes if you don't have a career plan.  After getting burned on D.C. Cab, Mr. Carew drifted awhile until he got into the Martin Lawrence business, lock, stock and barrel.  And yet, after the inevitable concert movie... oh, right, that was You So Crazy... anyway, after working together on the inevitable feature, egos clashed, ways were parted, and it was adrift again.  But who knows?  Maybe it's not too late to cash in that one last chip to get to Spielberg!  I don't even need my software for that.  It's quite easy, actually.

Carew worked with Joel Schumacher, director of D.C. Cab,
who also directed The Lost Boys, produced by Richard Donner
who directed The Goonies, produced by...

...well, you're on your own after that.  I'm no Hollywood insider or anything.

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