Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Saw a Penguin drinking a Piña Colada at Trader Vic's..............

...his hair was perfect.  D'oh!  As expected, Mockingjay crushed it once again at the box office.  Probably should've gone with "Mock... yeah... ing... yeah..." for the title.  Next week, my Louisville slugger... next week.  I'm mildly curious as to what reason the writers will have next for Josh Hutcherson to have that trademark look of shock on his face; at least, all the shock he can possibly muster.  Don't strain yourself, dude!  Anyway, I'm so out of the loop.  Where was the ad campaign for Penguins of Madagascar?  Looks like you're no longer relegated to the short feature section of Madagascar DVDs, guys!  Good job.
The only other debut this week is Horrible Bosses 2.  And once again, sequels are taking the numbers back.  Don't be ashamed of sequels, Hollywood!  Mockingjay seems to be, as well as Penguins of Madagascar as well as Big Hero 6... oh, right.  I mean, Big Hero 6 isn't.  That's how out of it I am.  How could I miss Big Hero 1 through 5?  And Dumb and Dumber To puts a delightful spin on the enumeration of sequels by misspelling the 2.  I'm assuming that Christoph Waltz is savvy enough to realize that this movie probably doesn't mean Oscar #3 for him.  And speaking of unorthodox casting... Key is in this, but not Peele?  Dude... the rift begins.

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