Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Auteur Watch - Greg Carter

...from Mars?
Nah, he seems all too earthbound, actually.  Well, while my software grinds away, probably printing out a bunch of some kind of exceptions, I'll tell you one thing... no.  Make that two.  First of all, the IMDb is spoiling me with this feature they have called a person's Top Four.  Now, I'm looking at the three posters for his top movies they currently have there and, well... there's just something about them.  They look like B-grade productions, semi-professional posters... what can I say?  I'm a snob.  But if he did indeed go to school with someone who now works at Troublemaker Studios, I'd say take advantage of that.  Now.  Screw my software!  You get to Troublemaker Studios, you get to Robert Rodriguez.  And when you get the Robert Rodriguez, you get the Quentin Tarantino.  And when you get the Tarantino, well... can Spielberg be far behind?  It might work!  You never know.  But anyway, I'll wait for my software to spit out something.
...yup.  Turned up empty again.  Gotta do everything myself.  Well, I say do this the fun way:

Greg Carter wrote, directed, produced, edited, filmed and catered the 2014 classic Lap Dance which starred...
Carmen Electra, who also had a small part in the Starsky & Hutch movie from 2004, which starred...
Ben Stiller!  The dude did seven movies in 2004, if I recall correctly.  He and Jude Law.  Boy, those were the days.  Anyway, I think he did a movie with Spielberg, but damned if I know what it was.

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