Thursday, December 18, 2014

Auteur Watch - Marlies Carruth

Alas, this seems to be one person no auteur-wannabe will want to emulate.  Still, this Marlies Carruth can hold their head up higher than that Joe Queenan, that's for sure!  Making a film out of spite usually doesn't turn out well.
But how to get to Spielberg?  I mean, anyone can make one film, then call it quits forever.  Is there a path to Amblin, even in this shallow backwater we call the cast and crew of Girlfriends?  Well, I'd suggest Jeff Pacocha, but he's having his own struggles as it is.  No, this seems to be the first and last film of most everyone who worked on it.  Also, my software's being all douchey tonight.  Well, one trick I figured out is to look at the actors list.  If they've got a thumbnail photo, they're the ones to go to.  In this case, there's Jaqueline Fleming, and she's the only one who seems to have survived the Girlfriends experience, deciding that yes, Hollywood is the place for her.  Oh, Jaqueline Fleming... star of Malibooty! and Bad Ass 3, wilt thou return Marlies Carruth's phone calls?

So, in conclusion, we've got Marlies Carruth directing Girlfriends starring
Jaqueline Fleming who was in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, produced by
Tim Burton who... well, I think Spielberg's heard of him anyway.  Try that, Carruth!

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