Thursday, December 18, 2014

This Just In: Sony Hackers Appointed New CEO of MGM

There's a giant bottleneck of movies headed our way, the likes of which I haven't seen in a long time.  Or maybe it's just business as usual.  But somehow I have a feeling the last episode of The Colbert Report is going to be "trending" for quite some time.  The sad thing is, it's only a little under exactly half of the stars that Bill O'Reilly has on his show every night!  And on his radio show every day!  Close second, Stephen... close second.
Of course, the big story this week is the removal from theaters of The Interview.  Oh, how some filmmakers would kill for that kind of publicity.  Welp, it's definitely a higher profile for Rogen and Franco, compared to their previous and usual efforts.
(Sunday proper) Assessing the damage... well, the latest installment of The Hobbit has still got it... for now, anyway.  It's probably not going to do a clean sweep at the Oscars, and frankly, the new, more organic quality of the picture is making me start to question why The Return of the King got so many Oscars!  I guess Peter Jackson finally decided to enable anti-aliasing.  He just wasn't ready to do that on the first trilogy.  And oh, don't tell me where Stephen Colbert is in the movie!  I want to find out for myself.
In other sad news, the final installment of Night at the Museum debuted this week.  Well, now that that's over, I guess Ben Stiller can get back to his first love: a sketch show on Fox.  Let's see them cancel him now, bitch!
I guess Christmas is a time of a lot of debuts.  It's a more generous time at the box office, unlike say in the summer, when a giant blockbuster can come along and crowd out all others from getting any sunlight.  The other debuts this week is the new Annie and something called P.K., or the first movie of that guy who appeared on The Colbert Report every once in a while, P.K. Winsome.  Hmm!  Wonder if Tyler Perry got a piece of the action.

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