Tuesday, December 02, 2014

The Next Christmas Ever

Once again it's Mockingjay this and Mockingjay that... but Jimmy Fallon's the host now!  Even Gone Girl is still hanging in there at #8, so there's only one debut this week, called The Pyramid, and my first hunch was right.  It's either the latest greatest horror pic, or it's a documentary about that long-lived game show.  I guess the national movie docket was too full around Halloween time to release all the B-grade horror pics out there waiting... ooh!  Almost forgot.  The other big news all over facebook is that a movie called Saving Christmas achieved a status that the filmmakers probably weren't hoping for: the #1 worst movie on the Internet Movie Database!!  See, The Onion?  The IMDb's not all bad!  There's useful information there!  Of course, at the wrap party, they had all the cast and crew probably vote for the movie, and either they coordinated to have everyone give the movie a zero or a one, or the cast and crew just really hated the experience of making it just that much.  Someone may put the Christ back in Christmas, but for now it's "Christ, I don't ever want to work with Kirk Cameron again!"
But it just goes to show you how tastes change, even amongst the worst movies.  I mean, for a long while now the epic From Justin to Kelly was at #1, but alas, it's risen to a mediocre 23rd on the list.  Plus, it's got kitsch value, as it's Kelly Clarkson's proverbial Crossroads.  Then of course, there's the Ed Wood-ish Manos: The Hands of Fate that was at #1 for a while, but people want a fresh bad movie, not something even your father never watched.  Then there's The Shawshank Redemption... oh, right, that's at the other end of the spectrum.  Man, I can only hope that my stay in prison is just as cinematic.

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