Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Auteur Watch - Dave Chappelle

I've beat this drum already, but what the hell.  The timing's perfect for me... I forget why.  But just as Gilbert Gottfried is now and forever going to be known as the guy who blew the Aflac contract, so too is Dave Chappelle and the sum of fifty million dollars forever linked in the National Consciousness, if not the world.  I feel your pain, if only from my remote corner of the world.  In some circles, I am known as That Thing with a Massive Gut, and here I am, swimming against the cold, strong, rocky upstream current to reverse the trend.  How does a dude fight back?  Well, in Chappelle's case, it's gotta be something big.  Something epic.  Something Hollywood.  Maybe take a page from the book of Stew-Beef and direct a film, even if it is Rosewater.  Oh, but this can be no mere Half-Baked 2, as you can probably guess.  It's gotta be something you can shout from the rooftops.  Like Rosewater
Anyway, finer minds than mine will put the pieces into place for you.  After all, even Michael Cimino and the sum of fifty million dollars didn't last forever.  He found his muse in a young, human-looking Mickey Rourke and went from there.  Break down some barriers, man!  Do something big!

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