Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Jupiter Descending... SpongeBob Rising?

Costing more than the Matrix trilogy and Speed Racer combined, and starring two of the biggest, hottest young stars there are right now, Channing Tatum and Mila Kunis, Jupiter Ascending... debuts at #3, just behind American Sniper and the new SpongeBob movie.  Ah, old-fashioned Hollywood.  I guess they're not getting the sympathy that World War Z got, for one.  It's just one of those things.  All the people who are fans of Tatum and Kunis... guess they have high standards after all.  Now, if it were Magic Mike 2, then sure, that'd be number one.  I mean, how are you gonna face your grandkids after you tell them that you didn't go to see Magic Mike 2 on opening weekend?  They'll be all "Why can't my grandparents be cool?  I wish I had cool grandparents like the other kids at school do."  But on the plus side, it's already doing better than Cloud Atlas... oh, wait, that debuted at #3 as well.  Well, surely it'll last three weeks or more?
Frankly I've dwelled on it for longer than I thought.  So we got Jupiter, SpongeBob, and the last bedut... debut this week is Seventh Son and it marks the triumphant reunion of The Dude and Maude Lebowski, but something tells me this ain't as fun as Gutterballs.  Oh well.  Probably a little more serious than R.I.P.D. as well!  Go figure.  This marks the American debut of young up-and-coming 66 year old director Sergey/Sergei Bodrov.  Well, I tell ya, he keeps this up, he could be the next Timur Bekmambetov!... I knew I wasn't gonna spell that right.

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