Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Powwow Suburbs

Our next Tom and Jerry short is called... Two Little Indians?  Whatever.  So, how many Oscars did that get?  Surely one for Best Animated Short is not enough!
Now, I hate to get up on my high horse as much as the next guy, and I understand that violence against the cat is one of the founding principles of this series... but sometimes even they go too far.  Here, on two separate occasions, Tom gets an arrow shot into his nose.  I'm not sure why I'm not a fan of that.  Maybe because it's a bad example for our kids, maybe because it's not Jerry doing the arrow shooting, I don't know.  Now, if it's in Tom's ass, okay.  And of course, we get a few of those here.  Well, that's one of those rules of comedy.  An ass injury's funny.  Nose, not so much.  That's why the guy in Burn After Reading felt a straining in his ass and not his nose.  This is stuffy nose about!
Anyway, the plot.  Jerry is once again visited by the Little Grey Mouse of the Future Generations... actually, there's two of them this time.  They've grown to a point where they don't need to constantly eat, but they are hungry for adventure and excitement (see how I did that?) and just generally satisfying their curiosity about this crazy world we live in in general.  And they've certainly learned what pop culture has taught them about Indians: bows and arrows, smoke signals, smoking the peace pipe... and of course, scalping the white cat.  Or a blue one will do!  Tails are chopped, scalps are removed, arrows galore in asses and noses.  Now, I know we're supposed to side with the mice, but I did kinda like it when Tom swatted the two little... little grey darlings with a barbecue spatula.  They survived the swatting and moved up to more subtle battle tactics.
I hate to spoil the ending, but here it is.  When the ante gets upped, Tom gets his Daniel Boone hat and an old-timey rifle off of the mantle.  And even though it's got its own powder horn, it fires almost as fast a machine gun; no reloading necessary!  Saves time that way, I suppose.  One of the grey mice springs a leak in Tom's gun, and Tom chases the other grey mouse, leaving a trail of powder behind him... you'll never guess what happens next.  Not in a million years.  Of course, the powder by itself isn't sufficient for the big explosion that this and every other animated cartoon almost needs to end with, but Tom adds that later when he ends up in the shed next to the red gas can and the beige oil bucket... beside the white chickens.  Kony 2012!  Shark officially jumped.  I always forget that "glazed with rain water" part.  And it's, like, the best part and everything!  Sheesh.
I guess what I'm ultimately trying to say, ultimately... this one's kinda weak.

-so sayeth The Movie Hooligan

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